SPRINT Regener
LINE - Flights
No. 12 - A specialist preparation to be given after a flight of up to 350 km

SPRINT Regener is a preparation for racing pigeons which return from a short-distance flight (up to 350 km). Its composition is suited to the bird’s biochemical needs after such a short and intensive effort. SPRINT Regener contains such components that a bird really needs and helps it to regenerate quickly. For pigeons it is a starting point for the effective restoration of form, and for breeders – an opportunity of a good result in the next flight. SPRINT Regener is a complete product – it contains a set of carbohydrates with the optimum glycemic index, the appropriate level of electrolytes and a pool of amino acids and supporting substances, selected to help in the quick regeneration of muscles (HMB, aspartates). The preparation also contains selected vitamins and herbs with a relaxing effect on the muscular system (lavender oil), which enhance liver function (milk thistle) and which support the bird’s natural tendency to regenerate after sustained effort.


Why does SPRINT Regener have A and B components ?

Examinations of pigeons’ physiology have shown that the birds’ demand for nutrients (after a flight) change with time. This concerns mainly carbohydrates and electrolytes. Soon after returning from a flight, a pigeon should get 6-7% solution of simple sugars and a considerable amount of electrolytes. However, after short flights, the demand passes quickly and basically it is enough to give such a solution once. On the other hand, other substances, such as amino acids, vitamins, metabolism regulators and herbs should be given to pigeons at a constant dose for 1-2 days after a flight.

It is this variability of needs that has made us offer SPRINT Regener as the so called “two-pack”. It is the only way of giving a variable dose of some components while keeping others at a constant level.

SPRINT Regener should be given to pigeons after a short-distance flight in order to:
  • replenish any deficit of nutrients
  • restore internal balance
  • regenerate muscles
  • activate the detoxifying mechanism of the liver.

SPRINT Regener should be given to pigeons twice, observing the proportions shown in the table on the left. The first dose should be given with water (with the addition of INHALIC), immediately after the bird returns from its flight. The second dose (Component A alone) should be given on the next day with feed, with REVITAL as the carrier.

During the dissolution of the product, use about 250ml warm water, then fill to 1 l

CAUTION ! Do not give birds additional glucose, electrolytes, L-carnitine, HMB, and ATP donors when applying SPRINT Regener after flights. The product contains optimal amounts and giving additional doses may prove disadvantageous.

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Component A
Protein isolate + electrolytes + glucose, HMB, taurine, choline chloride, iron chloride, aspartate Mg+Zn, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, milk thistle, goldenrod, couch grass.

Component B
Glucose; Maltodextrine; Electrolytes; Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Citric acid, Lavender oil.

Component A 200g + Component B 250g Package A+B = for 50 pigeons on 3-5 flights