MULTI Regener
LINE - Flights
No. 13 - Regeneration after long-distance flights

MULTI Regener is a preparation for pigeons which return from a flight of further than 350 km. The formulation is based on a precise analysis of the birds’ needs after such a long effort. MULTI Regener is the richest product of its kind on the market. It quickly replenishes the deficit of nutrients, which is huge after a long-distance flight, at the same time providing a bird with many substances which restore the metabolic balance in its organism. MULTI Regener contains easily absorbable carbohydrates, electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins, micronutrients and selected herbs (milk thistle, couch grass, goldenrod and yarrow), which stimulate the functioning of the liver and kidneys and which have a detoxifying effect. MULTI Regener also contains a pool of substances which protect the liver and which neutralise acidosis - HMB, L-glutamine, Mg and Zn aspartate and metabolism stimulating substances (taurine, inosiytol, lecithin, choline). All this makes MULTI Regener a complete mixture to be given after a flight. Its use helps a breeder to reduce the amount of preparations in the vet kit and ensures that pigeons have everything that is necessary.



Why does MULTI Regener have two components: A and B ?

Examinations of pigeons’ physiology have shown that the birds’ demand for nutrients (after a flight) changes with time. This concerns mainly carbohydrates and electrolytes. Soon after returning from a flight, a pigeon should get a 6-7% solution of simple sugars and a considerable amount of electrolytes. However, a few hours later, the demand drops by half and disappears altogether after about 24 hours. On the other hand, other substances, such as amino acids, vitamins, metabolism regulators and herbs should be given to pigeons at a constant dose for a few days after a flight (and for 3-4 days after difficult flights).
It is this variability of needs that has made us offer MULTI Regener as a so called “two-pack”. It is the only way of giving a variable dose of some components while keeping others at a constant level.

Give your carrier pigeons MULTI Regener after flights longer than 350 km in order to:
  • supplement nutrients deficiency
  • restore internal balance
  • rebuild energy reserves
  • regenerate and relax muscles
  • activate detoxifying mechanisms in liver

MULTI Regener should be given 3-5 times after a flight, maintaining the proportion presented in the table below. The first and second dose should be given to pigeons with water (the first dose immediately after the pigeons have returned from the flight). Consecutive doses (Component A alone) should be given with feed, with REVITAL as the carrier. The length of period when the preparation is given depends on the pigeon’s condition after the flight. Only those pigeons which were badly affected by the flight should be given more than 3 doses. During the dissolution of the product, use about 250ml warm water, then fill to 1 liter.

IMPORTANT ! Individual doses should be given at the time of giving food and water in the loft.

CAUTION ! Do not give birds additional glucose, electrolytes, L-carnitine, HMB, and ATP donors when applying MULTI Regener after flights. The product contains optimal amounts and giving additional doses may prove disadvantageous.


Component A
Protein isolate + essential amino acids + glucose - total, HMB, butafosfan, L-glutamine, taurine, choline chloride, betain, lecithin, inositol, iron chloride, Mg+Zn aspartate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, milk thistle, goldenrod, couch grass, micronutrients.

Component B
Glucose; Maltodextrin; Electrolytes; Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Citric acid, Yarro extract

Component A 210 g + Component B 310 g Package A+B = for 50 pigeons on 2-4 flights