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Mycosis under control

FUNGI Stop is a totally safe, but effective antimycotic agent. It contains iodine and natural components which are excellently effective in controlling populations of fungi occurring in pigeon breeding - Aspergillus sp. and Candida sp. The preparation also contains components which generally enhance the vital strength of the organism when facing mycosis – vitamin A, which strengthens the bird’s protective barriers (mucosa) as well as vitamins B, whose deficit is usually observed in such infections. When used regularly as a spray, FUNGI Stop minimises the risk of infecting the loft with mycosis. Given to pigeons with drinking water, it acts locally on the fungi in the specific places which they inhabit, i.e. in the crop, oeasophagus and beak cavity.


Give FUNGI Stop to pigeons to:

  • Control populations of pathogenic fungi in the environment inhabited by the pigeons as well as in their beak cavity, oesophagus and crop.
  • Protect young and weak birds, as well as those after an antibiotic therapy.
  • Protect birds after giving them feed which is not fresh and if the humidity level in the loft is too high.
  • Disinfect the loft and equipment (spraying).


FUNGI Stop should be given:

  • In drinking water – 2.5 mL / 1 L of water for 3-5 days during the period of exposure to mycotic infection and once a week to young birds (in combination with INHALIC)
  • In spray – Once a week – spraying the entire loft with the solution of 25 mL / 100 mL of warm water



1 litre of the FUNGI Stop preparation contains : Vitamin A 1 mln. units – retinol propionate 358 mg; potassium iodide; Compounds of plant origin from: calendine, green tea, pine.



125 ml 125 ml bottle contains 1000 portions for 1 pigeon. For the 100 pigeons for 10 applications.
250 ml 250 ml bottle contains 2000 portions for 1 pigeon. For the 100 pigeons for 20 applications.