PARTITAL - full, healthy and flexible feathers

The preparation facilitates the formation of full, healthy feathers of high flexibility. Proper supplementation during the moulting period is especially important because malnutrition and deficits result in defects in the feather structure. It will have a disastrous effect for sport flyers in the next season. PARTITAL contains the optimum amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins, along with a herbal composition.


The utmost care was exercised when selecting the exact dose of substances which are of key importance during the moulting period, i.e. sulphur-containing amino acids (methionine, cysteine), iodine, vitamin A, biotin, silicon and zinc. Herbs contained in the product enhance the skin function and stimulate formation of epidermal growths (here: feathers); they also have a generally strengthening effect and regulate the organism’s mineral balance. PARTITAL ensures proper feather growth and has a beneficial effect on their flying properties in the next season.


The feed additive for the moulting period, PARTITAL, should be given to achieve a full and healthy plumage of high flexibility and good flying properties.


PARTITAL should be used at the dose of 8 g /1 kg of feed, 2-3x times a week. It should be given throughout the moulting period in combination with the 7-OILS preparation.