Young pigeons flights

BEFORE THE FLIGHT – Give the birds the SPIRINT Forma or MULTI Forma with HEPATIC. You can also mix it with 7-OILS. The duration of the period when it is administered to the birds is left for the breeder’s decision (some breeders are against giving too much supplements to young birds). However, it is recommended that the Forma should be given with water on the day of basketing (INHALIC must be added).

AFTER THE FLIGHT – After the flight, young pigeons are treated in the same manner as in the other two programmes. Initially: water + SPRINT Regener or MULTI Regener + INHALIC. Subsequently REVITAL with feed and continued administration of Regener depending on the birds’ condition.


BETWEEN FLIGHTS – Due to the high sensitivity of young pigeons, the flight programme for them should be extended by regular administration of preparations with a protective action. To protect the respiratory tract, pigeons should be given INHALIC + FUNGI Stop with water. The Digestive system should be protected with MICRO Stop + 4-ACIDS and GASTRIC + HEPATIC. Do not forget to give pigeons preparations which help to settle beneficial bacteria! The diets of young birds should not be lacking in VITAL Junior, which will stimulate their immunity owing to the presence of β-glucans.