"Cleansing before the season" programme


Every pigeon breeder must have heard about “carrot therapy”. It is applied before a breeding season. Some breeders give the birds carrots or their mixture with other vegetables (such as beetroot, parsley, celery, cabbage) as a form of controlled fasting (with no grain), others as a supplement to the bird's feed. When asked why they apply such a therapy, they usually say that it is to reduce the fatty tissue, to identify weak birds, to remove toxins and to deworm the flock.
We at HapLabs think that carrot treatment in combination with controlled fasting is harmful to birds. It creates considerable stress to the organism, which is the last thing a breeder should give to his birds. It is better to prevent too much growth of fatty tissue during the rest period than to starve them later. Selection of weak birds can be done in a different way, for example by giving up treatment in winter. This will identify pigeons of poorer immunity. However, carrot therapy has also some advantages. The addition of vegetables to grain provides birds with vitamins and reduces the amount of toxins in their organism.



Our programme is based on four herbal products. We recommend that the complete, four-stage therapy should be applied at least once a year. It lasts about a month. If you do not have so much free time, steps 2 and 3 can be connected by giving HEPATIC and NEFRIC in the same water. Always have a 2-day break before consecutive stages and give the pigeons clean water.